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Our  Environment

Here at Diamond Hygiene we are very conscious of the impact of our business on the environment and we are constantly analysing and changing the way in which we work to reduce our emissions and carbon footprint. Our aim is to become Carbon Neutral, and we are making every effort to achieve this.


Allow us to support you in reducing your carbon footprint by following our easy steps below. This may also benefit your business!*

Us  & the Environment!

From its creation, Diamond Hygiene has always aimed to be the greenest washroom services provider in the UK, and part of our ethos is to reduce our Carbon emissions and to become Carbon neutral.  


We use eco-friendly products whenever possible to pursue our commitment to a safer future for our children.


As an approved licensed waste carrier, you can be sure that all waste is correctly disposed of so that your obligations under the Environmental Protection Act are met. We incinerate all waste, avoiding possible future environmental catastrophes associated with landfill or dumping at sea. Did you know that one disposable nappy can take over a million years to decompose in landfill? Energy Recovery Incineration is the most environmentally friendly option.


Diamond Hygiene will not use landfill sites to dispose of our waste. All waste products collected from client’s premises are recycled at licensed energy recovery incineration plants, reducing landfill and creating energy in the process.


We ensure all our plastic, aerosols, metals, batteries, cardboard and paper are recycled

We offer our eco feminine hygiene units that are produced from 100% recycled plastic.  By choosing this style for your washroom you are helping to:


  • Provide a sustainable source of raw materials to industry

  • Greatly reduce the environmental impact of plastic-rich products

  • Help to minimise the amount of plastic being sent to the UK’s diminishing landfill sites

  • Reducing the consumption of the Earth’s oil stocks

  • Consume less energy than producing new, virgin polymers

2. Reduce Your Energy

Our award winning low energy hand dryer range can help reduce your energy consumption levels. 


Or choose our eco-friendly air-fresh.  No batteries required and a refill that is completely biodegradeble, using no aerosols or other harmful chemicals

3. Water Management

Our award winning Water Management Units can drastically reduce your water consumption by up to 90% through eradicating unnecessary and expensive water wastage. 

4. Recycle Waste

Recycle your waste! By having our feminine hygiene units or nappy disposal units, you are actually recycling your waste.  We take it straight to our Energy Recovery Centre where it is incinerated. During the process, electricity is generated and the ashes that remain are then used as a substitue for natural aggregrate.

5. Eco-Friendly Products

Choose Eco-Friendly products wherever possible.  These could include cleaning products, toilet rolls, paper for the printer, hand towels to name but a few.  We are able advise and help you switch to Eco-Products

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Go Green with Diamond Hygiene!

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