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Dust Mats & Roller Towels

Our laundry services include our Dust Mat and Roller Towel services


Our Engineers deliver your clean, laundered mats and towels directly to your premises, and take away the exisiting ones to be cleaned.  A "lift and lay service" for the Mats is completed as standard and we do not charge extra for this.


We can vary our colletions to be completed on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis dependent on your needs.

Our products

Dust Mats

The revolutionary Laundered Floor Mat is now a permanent feature in most business environments. Its high twist nylon pile traps moisture and tracked in dirt so effectively that the filtered soiling at the rubber base can only be removed successfully by using our regular pick up, launder and delivery service.


Cleaning and replacing your floor covering costs time and money. research has found that over 70% of the dust and dirt in buildings is walked in from outside, often amounting to several pounds of dirt every day. Floor protection mats trap this dirt and moisture, preventing it from being spread throughout the building.


Our professional mat service:
• Improves health & safety by reducing slips and falls on wet days or in wet areas 
• Prolongs the life of floors and coverings, delaying replacement costs
• Prevents unsightly marks within entrances and other doorways
• Reduces dust levels, helping avoid problems with ventilation ducts, electronic equipment etc.

Our Standard mats are available in the following sizes and are a dark mink grey. Other colours and logo mats can be arranged specific to your requirements.

150 cm x 85 cm
180 cm x 115 cm
300 cm x 85 cm

Our Service Engineers will personally remove the dirty mats and replace with clean ones on each service visit. Exchanged and laundered on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis dependant on your needs.

Custom Logo Mats

Enhance your Company Brand or Logo by having your very own logo mat made to your exact measurements and specifications.  Our representatives can help you design the perfect entrance mat to impress your visitors.

With state of the art technology, we can even produce photo-realistic images for your logo mat.  The choices really are endless.

Once the design is approved, your custom logo mat will be delivered to your premises by our Engineers.  We will launder and exchange your mat on a fortnightly basis to keep it looking fabulous.

Roller Towel Cabinets and Towels

Our Cotton roller towel provides hygiene, service and environmental benefits while delivering a ‘comfort like home’ hand drying experience for the end user. Our system also helps protect the environment as it combines a towel cabinet based on eco-friendly engineering with the cotton towel, a natural biodegradable consumable making a positive choice for the environment. 


We supply you with cabinets for the roller towels. Towels exchanges can be arranged on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis dependant on your requirements.

The top quality cotton towel is renowned for high absorbency and strength, in blue or striped. Towels can be changed and cleaned periodically according to your needs. Each roller towel provides 200 portions of clean towel for hand drying.  The Roller Towel system ensures that a clean piece of towel is available for each user, reducing cross contamination.  It also reduces mess in the washroom by removing the need for paper towels.

Included as part of the service:
• Cabinet Unit & Maintenance 
• Cotton towel Laundry & Exchange 

Available in classic white, polished chrome or satin chrome

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