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About Us - Our story

From the outset, it was decided that our Washroom Company would trade in a way which we could be proud of, always making sure that the client’s needs were put first. We look after our clients, our people and our Environment which results in satisfied customers, happy employees and a thriving business which benefits the planet rather than harming it.

Our client base is varied and includes Facilities Management and Cleaning Companies, Schools, Universities, Hotels, Hospitality and Leisure, Offices, Retail Outlets and Healthcare premises  as well as a whole host of other types of organisations.  


Our experienced, trained and competent service team provide and deliver washroom services to over 1000 sites per month, servicing and maintaining over 5000 items of equipment.    

Look after the World we live in

  • Never landfill waste - only ever dispose of waste using "Energy Recovery Incineration"

  • Use and promote Eco-Friendly products to our clients

  • Recycle all our waste including aerosols, batteries, cardboard, plastic and old equipment

  • Support local Charities and Businesses

In 10 years, by incinerating all waste collected, we have diverted over 300 Tons of waste from landfill, generating enough power for 2460 homes in the process

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